Who Am I

Who am I to judge you on your experiences?
You say that I am supposed to.
But why is that?
Because you have slept with many women?
Or perhaps because you have used them as well?
Maybe it’s because you cannot remember all of their names?
Or because you cannot remember last night.

Either one, doesn’t really matter.
Asking me to judge you is like asking a kangaroo to write a love song.

You just don’t do it.
I am not your savior.
You pray. Ask Him.

I am not your mother.
I am sure you won’t tell her any of this.
She would probably throw a chastity belt on you..
although she would be much too late.

I am not a perfect person.
There are many things I wish I didn’t do.
Now that my Hoobastank moment is over, I have my own issues.
I am worrying about who is judging me.
Because of this, I don’t have time, nor the need to judge you.

It’s just you. Me. and our sins.


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Rambling Woman

I realize that perhaps this is not the type of place for this, but hey, my site.. my rules.

I do not see the point of me having so many different types of blogs. I have one for friends, one for randoms, this one, and several other social media outlets that I utilize on a daily basis. Am I doing to much? Probably…

Do I care?




I love to express my self in many different ways. From writing, to drawing, to painting, to crying.. I love them all. I especially love when I combine them together… random tidbit.


I love to read. I love to read and cry. I love to ramble and make you cry because I am boring you to death.


That is my life.



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